Visit Postwar Vancouver in Tribeca Film Festival’s transmedia storyworld Circa 1948. Stan Douglas & Loc Dao (NFB)

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Step back into time through a new transmedia storyworld called Circa 1948, debuted yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes, open to the public today and available on iTunes App Store for free.

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Very very very cool

Quick Facts 

•    By pushing the limits of 3D rendering on the tablet, using binaural sound with touch and gyroscope-driven navigation modes, and running it all on an independent, Canadian-made, open-source rendering engine to control what is essentially an art experience, Circa 1948 distinguishes itself as a truly groundbreaking work. 
•    The online site creates an entry point to the project and serves as a primer to a unique storytelling experience of gentrification and power in post war Vancouver. 
•    The interactive installation at the Tribeca Film Festival allows Storyscapes audiences to literally step into the past and experience this immersive virtual reality on a larger scale. The live launch event will feature Stan Douglas and members of the NFB team unveiling the work. 
•     Circa 1948 was co-created by Douglas and Loc Dao, Executive Producer/Creative Technologist for the NFB. Other key NFB team members include producers Selwyn Jacob and Dana Dansereau and project director Kelly Richard Fennig. 

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