What Is Wattpad? The ‘YouTube For Stories’ Is Transforming Book Publishing

Anna Todd was a bored Army wife when she began to devour fan fiction about British boy band One Direction on Wattpad, the free online story-sharing community that Publisher’s Weekly called “a YouTube for stories rather than videos.” Creators Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen wanted Wattpad to provide amateur and professional writers a platform to publish their work, get feedback, and connect with other writers and readers. 


Anna Todd didn’t think anyone would read her Harry Styles fan fiction erotica on Wattpad. But it’s been viewed more than a billion times and netted her a six-figure book deal….’

Source: www.ibtimes.com

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Meet The Man Who Solved The Mysterious Cicada 3301 Puzzle

‘It’s the most baffling and enigmatic mystery on the Internet with promises of epiphany if you solve it. But just how hard is it to crack the Cicada 3301 puzzle and who’s behind it?…


Two years ago, a cryptic message started appearing on message boards across the Internet. Claiming to seek “highly intelligent individuals,” the Cicada 3301 puzzle challenged visitors to find a secret message hidden in the image that accompanied it. Just what is Cicada 3301? And what happens to those that solve the puzzle? To find out, we talked to the man who solved it….”

Source: www.fastcolabs.com

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Steven Soderbergh’s Latest, Years-In-The Making Creative Project Will F#*& You Up

“He cuts a lithe figure, to be sure. But, no doubt about it. There he is, seated at a table at the Standard Hotel bar. Indisputably corporeal. Reflecting light.

That may change when the drinking starts.

Steven Soderbergh is drinking his own brand of Bolivian liquor, Singani 63, which has a number of special characteristics. It’s made from a particular kind of grape grown at a particular altitude in one particular place in the world. It creates a particular kind of buzz–Soderbergh has a technical description for it: “It will f*&@ you up.” It may, depending on your particular circumstances and chemical composition, allow you to feel remarkably healthy the day after you’ve become f*cked up. And it will make you invisible…”

Source: www.fastcocreate.com

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Two OkCupid Founders May Have The Solution To The Internet’s Identity Problem

“There’s a lot more at stake here than your naked selfies.


Scan your fingerprint. Enter your mother’s maiden name. Provide your phone number. Internet security is a pain in the ass, and after every credit card breach or celebrity selfie hack it gets more annoying and invasive. How many times can Gmail ask for your phone number before it’s robo-sexual harassment?


We know security is important. We know we should care. But improving it is the corporations’ job, right? And besides, each new security measure just makes our apps less convenient. As far as social advocacy goes, Internet security isn’t about to get its own ice bucket challenge…”

Source: www.fastcolabs.com

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