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Tangible Storytelling Display Offers A New Way To Experience History At Jewish Museum | The Creators Project

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Seamless, minimalist storytelling with a hi-tech jolt…

Macrofilm is a simple-smooth interface designed to display information quickly and beautifully, while circumventing the oversaturated use of touchscreens we’ve seen in the past decade (no fingerprint smudges at this installation!). The display is controlled by a large, forcefully tangible scroll wheel, which propels facts, images, and stories across the screen. The screen is a film-like ribbon, about 9m long, which arcs upward to the left and right of the scroll wheel. As you scroll, the image on each frame changes, telling complex, compelling stories with a minimalist aesthetic…”

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WEBDOC | Netwars A fact-based 5 part interactive web series exploring the impending threat of cyberwarfare

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A fact-based 5 part interactive web series exploring the impending threat of cyberwarfare.
You never know who is in control.

“netwars / out of control”

• Makes it concrete: Battlegrounds – virtual and hidden – but real.

• Is based on actual facts, told in different formats, and explains not only what could happen but also what is already happening even today.

• The fact-based perspective of this crossmedia project marks a world first: With TV DOCUMENTARY, INTERACTIVE WEB DOC, INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL APP, E-BOOK, AUDIO-BOOK and TV SERIES.

siobhan-o-flynn‘s insight:


Within a few minutes after a nationwide blackout, life in the metropolises collapses. Famines, lootings and riots follow. It bears resemblance to a scenario of a nuclear warfare movie. Yet, you don’t need a bomb to induce such a catastrophe. Merely a computer would be sufficient.

The digital war affects every one of us, and it’s happening right now as we speak.

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